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Thoughts On Live Streaming

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    Posted 04-30-2021 22:28
    Edited by Vector 04-30-2021 22:43
    Hi everyone,

    My home league(*1) has recently participated in a live stream of one of our home games, while we were a bit surprised by the request, we also appreciate that there isn't much derby happening at the moment and only too happy to help. I've since had an opportunity to reflect on it, and it occurs to me that WFTDA's video streaming efforts can have a modest impact on the ART Projects goals, along with equity more broadly.

    Basically my idea is that, even after everything "goes back to normal", we should if at all possible (*2) try to continue to stream games from all over the world, regardless of "level" (*3) and from as many different places as possible.

    This would help prevent "out of sight, out of mind-itis", and help make it clear in everyone's minds that things that WFTDA looks after(*4) services not just "the 1%" but the entire community and it's full spectrum of levels (not just high-level).

    1: Western Australia Roller Derby, based in Perth.
    2: Subject to broadcast facilitator availability and energy of course.
    3: Indeed, a wide variety of levels would be helpful I think
    4: eg. the Rules comment made during one of our calls