WFTDA Releases Updated GTO Curriculum in English and French

By Catherine Beat-Her Bonez posted 10-30-2020 10:22

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WFTDA Releases Updated GTO Curriculum in English and French


The Games Tournament Oversight Training Curriculum is now available in English as well as French on the New WFTDA Member Online Learning Platform

The Training Curriculum is free for WFTDA Members, Partners, or WFTDA-Recognized Tournament Participants, and will be required for GTOs working at WFTDA Postseason tournaments.

To augment the existing GTO-specific content and test, we added three additional courses on Risk Management, Sanctioning, and Code of Conduct/Grievances for GTOs (in English only).

In order to update to the latest information, GTOs who completed the curriculum on the previous Learning Management System need to sign up and complete it again on the new one. Request access via this form (on website or curriculums) and get added to it now. Once GTOs complete the training, the WFTDA will move you to our new Higher Logic GTO community, as the old Basecamp community will be shutting down by January 2021.

Skaters who are interested in the training are encouraged to sign up and learn all about being a Games Tournament Oversight officer.

We’d like to thank TaraO and Gemma from the FFRS Roller Derby Commission for their work on this project.

We are looking forward to translating more courses and curriculums into different languages. If you want to help us, get in contact here.

Find the trainings here: