For Members Attention: Important Vote in Progress!

By Legs posted 01-16-2021 05:30


Dear WFTDA Community, The Board of Directors are asking that you let your reps and league members know about an important vote in progress, that urgently needs your attention and consideration; this vote will remain open until ⅔ of membership leagues have voted because it proposes a change in WFTDA Bylaws.

You can access the proposal and documentation here in the Votes and Surveys section.

These initial WFTDA Bylaws changes will help create a step towards enabling ART Project recommendations, and for WFTDA leadership to bring in experience and skills needed urgently to help guide us out of Covid-19 impacts to the Sport and our Community.

Our current  9-member elected Board of Directors directly represents the pool of candidates put forth by the Membership, but there are additional specific skill sets and expertise - including lived experience - needed on the WFTDA Board. 

These proposed changes are designed to help us successfully manage our transition out of the COVID-19 pandemic, and into a space that adequately allows the Anti-Racism Team (ART) Project and community members to rethink the Governance needs of the WFTDA,

Please talk to your league members, reps and leadership and make sure someone in your league has access to cast a vote.  If you are unsure about access, please contact for advice.