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WFTDA Announces COVID-19 Recovery Fund to Help Roller Derby Get Back on Track

By WFTDA posted 07-27-2021 12:59 PM

Graphic with text that says Return, Rebuild, Remember - WFTDA COVID-19 Recovery Fund

We all know the effect COVID-19 and the cancellation of last year's season had on roller derby.

To help rebuild our community and our sport, we are establishing the WFTDA COVID-19 Recovery Fund. This fund will provide microgrants to leagues or other roller derby organizations to help support our community in their post-COVID-19 roller derby recovery. Find out how to apply and if you are eligible here. (Information is available in English, Spanish, French and German.)

We are currently working on creating a panel for application reviews, but in the meantime, here are some clarifications to answer some questions we've received so far:

  1. At least 90% of the funds raised from the fundraiser will go into the Recovery Fund. There are related payment processing fees and WFTDA is reserving a 10% admin fee to cover costs like Paypal transfer fees, instead of passing those fees onto the leagues who need it most.

    The $5,000 goal for the Kindest fundraiser is just a goal for that fundraiser, and not a cap on how much we plan to raise or distribute.

    The Kindest fundraiser is just one of several ways we're raising funds for the Recovery Fund, including but not limited to everything listed on the Support WFTDA page of our website:

  2. Member League dues are still important for the WFTDA to continue its recovery operations, including planning what the next season of competitive play looks like, helping members with safe return to play, and administering this recovery fund. The recovery fund will allow us to support more leagues in different ways than simply waiving their dues would.

    Additionally, as an international membership organization serving over 450 member leagues in 33 countries across six continents, there are a variety of expenses necessary to running an organization of this size, and with competitive events on hold, dues are a primary source of income.

    However, this year's membership dues are not due until November 30, and we have provided options for leagues who need more time. (WFTDA league reps and finance contacts should have received an email about this last week or can find more information in this post). Feel free to contact with any dues questions.

  3. WFTDA Insurance was not able to refund dues that were paid in 2020 and went mostly unused because WFTDA Insurance purchases the policies in full, in advance and sells them to their customers (this is how insurance agencies work) and they do not get a refund for unused policies. They did offer pretty steep discounts at the beginning of the renewal period, and they are still discounted from last year's rates. Only non-WFTDA leagues have been charged the full price.

    WFTDA has not required anyone to purchase insurance before returning to on-skates activities during the pandemic.

    Please read the WFTDA Insurance FAQ for more information:

You can find more information and frequently asked questions about the Recovery Fund here.

If you have any questions about the fund or the application, please get in touch or, or start a discussion here in the WFTDA Community.

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