WFTDI Wellness Launches New Online Wellness Community

By WFTDA posted 09-17-2021 03:01 PM

WFTDI Wellness and Phoenix Logos

WFTDI Wellness, brought to you by WFTDA Insurance, is excited to team up with the Phoenix Project to provide an invaluable wellness resource for our community!

The Phoenix Project (Phoenix, for short) is a caring digital community that supports mental health and wellness—anywhere, anytime. Phoenix and WFTDI believe everyone deserves a safe place to heal, and in roller derby, returning to play can be both part of the healing process and an additional stressor in a challenging time. 

WFTDI’s space in Phoenix was built for us, and for anyone that needs a place to come together to process as a community. We believe in deepening the conversations, the connections, and the support in times like this. We may be worlds apart but we are together here ❤️.

Together we are creating a vibrant community for Healing, Connection, and Support in roller derby.

In Phoenix you can: 

🌟 Gain access to healing experiences that center your mental wellness.

👋 Connect with a community of self healers & trauma survivors.

🧠 Take a custom roller derby journey to deepen your healing experience.

❤️ Stay up to date with a feed of healing content centering diverse voices & thought leaders.

We would love for you to join us! Phoenix is free and easily accessible on a desktop, tablet, or phone app.

Click here to get started.

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