February 2022 Adjustment to COVID-19 Return to Play Guidelines and Recovery Plan

By WFTDA posted 02-22-2022 11:44 AM


Based on changes to quarantine recommendations and to clarify member league responsibilities, the WFTDA COVID-19 Medical Team has made an adjustment to the section of the WFTDA COVID-19 Return to Roller Derby Guidelines and Recovery Plan that pertains to leagues pausing due to a positive case in the league.

The following updated guidance for dealing with a positive case in your league can be found on page 2 of the recovery plan document:

If your league has a reported case of COVID, no matter which set of Guidelines you are following, all league members present at an event/practice with a known COVID exposure must pause for 5 days and are strongly encouraged to test negative for COVID before returning to events/practice. Unexposed league members may continue normal activities. If tests are not available, exposed members are encouraged to wait 7-10 days with no symptoms before returning. You may start back on the ladder where you were at the time of the pause. We feel this practice should be upheld by all participating members to ensure the safety of most vulnerable community members.

The updated guidelines and supporting documents, such as the Audience Return Guidelines, Infection Control Guide, and Recommendations for Returning to Full-Contact Skating can be found at