Updated COVID-19 Guidelines for WFTDA Member Leagues

By WFTDA posted 07-12-2022 02:15 PM


With the COVID-19 virus variants rising and falling at different times around the world, and many localities and countries no longer reporting testing data, the Women’s Flat Track Derby Association (WFTDA) Leadership team and COVID-19 Medical Task Force have updated the WFTDA COVID-19 Guidelines, and repurposed them to provide recommendations for returning to roller derby during any period of high infectious disease rates in a league's location.

WFTDA Member Leagues are not required to follow these recommendations, but must continue to follow all local government/health department requirements surrounding contact sports, sporting events, and public gatherings in their locality. WFTDA leagues that are also under the jurisdiction of a roller derby National Governing Body (NGB) should follow their guidelines/recommendations. It is strongly recommended that leagues follow these guidelines for the safety of your participants and your community.

This update includes:

  • Condensed, easier to read format.
  • Removal of the five-day pause requirement should someone at a league event be positive for COVID-19. Leagues are advised to follow the guidance of their local health authority or medical professionals.
  • Recommendations for stepping onto or down the ladder are no longer tied to specific testing percentages, as that data is less available. Instead, recommendations are based on local hospital capacity and government restrictions on congregating and contact sports.
  • Leagues are no longer required to report their Tier on the ladder to WFTDA. The tiers have been removed from the member portal and the map has been removed from the website.
  • The Audience Guidelines recommendations for track set up are now no longer required as a part of the WFTDA Risk Management Guidelines and have been adjusted and published as a version 3.

The updated document (version 7) is now titled the WFTDA Return to Roller Derby Ladder and can be found along with related documents and resources on the WFTDA Competition Documents page (in the Resources section of the WFTDA Online Community).

Please note that, for the safety of our participants and to support the financial needs of our leagues, WFTDA sanctioning and rankings remain closed for 2022. Make sure your league is participating in the important discussions, voting, and work we're doing here in the WFTDA Online Community to bring competitive play back in 2023; and learn more about WFTDA's 2022 "Back on Track" Events series and how you can participate in our global celebration of roller derby!

You may contact WFTDA Leadership with any questions at or join the Returning to Roller Derby group for further discussion.