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    Posted 10-07-2020 09:53
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    Hi everyone! 

    Lots of things were happening in the last weeks, and I wanted to take a quick moment and update y'all. 


    EPIC Meeting/Brainstorming
    We had a week with lots of digital notes and post-its to discuss ideas going forward. We worked with an app called "mural" and created lots of different "rooms" to share ideas, post-its and comments on different topics. You can see one of these attached as a pdf. 

    This launched us into our next phase of design and helped us clarify the framework of the curriculum. We will be sharing a high-level presentation of this next week here with you for feedback!

    New Workpackages

    We are working on the following topics next to the curriculum:
    • Introduction into Contact,
    • Values & Policies,
    • and a Coaching "library" for resources (watch out for a "call on resources" thread on this forum).
    Once the Show&Tell of these are done and recorded, we will upload them here for you to watch. More work packages will be launched in November as well. 

    Transitioning Plan
    We are working on a plan for how we support you and the community to move to this new approach. We'll also share the backlog plan - things which have been flagged as necessary or nice to have but which won't be in place when we launch the curriculum. These will help form the basis of next steps for the Task Force. 

    Questions? Comments? Ideas? Let us know!

    Catherine Beat-Her Bonez / Katharina Bohnert
    WFTDA Education Senior Programs Manager
    Bear City Roller Derby