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RE: Introducing the new MSR Curriculum Developer, our approach and next steps

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    Posted 08-12-2020 03:28

    Hi Smirk! 

    Re: similar sports, we're looking across two main areas, which are inevitably interconnected, but do slightly change our definition of similar.  

    For baseline skill sets before game play, we've targetted sports which include needing an additional skill just to move such as : ice hockey, roller hockey (inline and quad), JRDA, quidditch.  

    For our desk study on intro to contact and recovery, we've added sports which include high levels of contact - some of those above as well as: rugby, american football, hurling, kabbadi, martial arts

    That being said, identifying these sports is to allow us to focus our research and is a starting point.  The Task Teams are just getting started and haven't finalised their list of sports.  We can take learning from any sport or elements of those sports, so yes please to bringing knowledge to the table if you see correlations or good practice.  

    Re: In preparing players for gameplay

    We're looking at all of the above.  Bearing in mind this will be an introductory curriculum and there may be elements that this project won't cover directly but the objective is to create a framework which is set up for future content and topics.  


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    Posted 08-11-2020 07:46

    This is all great info and guidelines to begin the process :) Thanks both for your posts.

    I have a couple of questions to help refine my thinking and approach to this investigation phase.

    • What are the key words we should be using to help refine similar sports?
      • For example, do we only consider team sports? Only consider contact sports?
      • Or are all sports on the table if we find suitable or relevant info? So we bring it all to the melting pot in this phase?
    • In preparing players for gameplay, are we looking at:
      • Physical preparation
      • Mental preparation
      • Tactical / Rules preparation
      • A combo of some or all?

    Matthew Heales
    Newcastle Roller Derby

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    Posted 08-07-2020 07:02

    Hello folks!  

    It's exciting that we are in a place to really push forward change in how we manage the MSRs!  Most of you will know that the Task Force has been really hard at work over the past while, developing options for different approaches (including the skills matrix) and testing changes to 27 in 5 with the WFTDA community.   That work is stil lthere, and it's going to get pulled into our next steps. 

    Firstly though, we're doing a bit of evidence gathering.  If you've not clicked through to the work packages, I'll give you a quick overview.

    We're focussing on building an evidence base, from other sports, from sport professions, from our own lessons learned.   

    The initial questions we're answering are - 

    • How do other (similar) sports test readiness for game play? 
    • How do they prepare players for game play?
    • What impact does this have on the safety of the game? 
    • How do they introduce contact and recovery to avoid injury risk?
    • How does our approach in roller derby compare and what can we learn from the different ways of doing things? 

    Once we have the evidence pulled together, we'll be sharing it here for those who are interested in reading more.  And this will be used to inform the choices we propose in designing the New Skater Curriculum.  


    We know that lots of leagues will have looks into these questions themselves when developing their own new skater intakes and bootcamps.  Any information that can be cited that folks have and are willing to share, please do.   And if this is something you know loads about or would like to be a part of, we'd love to have you on the task team for those work packages. 

    Deadlines are before the end of August, so if you've got time over the next couple weeks, please let us know! 


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    Posted 08-05-2020 12:21

    Hello everyone!

    We are excited to announce that we hired Maha El Nasser from
    Rule 56 and ALL IN as MSR Curriculum Developer to help us make the MSRs more accessible. We had so many great applicants from our community, but Maha's community focus is what we currently need to change our approach when we look at our minimum skills and testing requirements.

    We created this open access workspace to share our progress as we go and to get your feedback along the way.
    So here we go - a short overview of our approach principles and next steps:

    • Work to a visible and agreed purpose: This is currently a work in progress. We're waiting on some information from the Board before we can really confirm our objectives. Stay tuned for more information.
    • Evidence-based: We want to shift from "I had to do it, so should they" to "these are the clear reasons and evidence for change".
    • Use what we have and what is already out there: There is SO MUCH WORK OUT THERE because leagues have been going it alone for years. We don't want to just ignore all that and do our own thing. What do leagues have that they can share? Things that have worked and that they're proud of. What can we borrow? What can we make work with just a few tweaks? We're not starting from scratch here.
    • Agile-approach: Content will be developed in short "sprints" and small work packages, and shared with the community (here!) in ways that allow us to test the content, make changes, adjust where needed before we release anything "final". 

    Next steps: We've identified a series of idea or so called work packages to get us started. These are:

    Work Package 1 - Skills Assessment in Other Sports (WP1 - Other Sports) 

    Work Package 2 - User Stories and Personas (WP2 -  User Stories)  

    Work Package 3 - Introduction to Contact and Recovery - Desk Study (WP3 -  Intro to Contact DS) 

    Interested in a topic area, but not the overall task force? 

    For each idea package, we have a core group to lead and be responsible for a package. But we are looking for more people to come and join us with their expertise. These are intended to be short and agile, so this work is perfect for someone who is not able to commit to a long term process and also interested in specific areas of the restructuring process.

    At the end of the piece of work, we'll arrange a "show and tell" for the group to share their work and outcomes with the rest of the working group (potentially also with this open community - so watch this space). Get in touch if you are interested in joining a work package group. 

    Interested in joining the task force?

    If you want to get involved and develop a new vision for how we bring skaters into our sport, let us know, we are always welcoming new volunteers.

    We are missing voices from isolated and micro leagues as well as non-native English speaking leagues, and are particularly looking for BIPOC folx who want to join us.

    If you are interested, please fill out this form: 

    Let me know if there are any questions!

    Catherine Beat-Her Bonez / Katharina Bohnert
    WFTDA Education Senior Programs Manager
    Bear City Roller Derby