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California Leagues RTP

  • 1.  California Leagues RTP

    Posted 04-03-2021 14:25
    Hey California Peeps,

    I wanted to share these resources from the CA CDPH in case your leagues hadn't seen them yet, and hopefully start some broader discussions about what RTP looks like for your league/county. Where is your league with the CA Covid Tiers and WFTDA RTP? What policies are your leagues discussing about testing/vaccinations?

    The first link outlines the return to recreational sports in each county. While roller derby is explicitly listed in the yellow tier for Indoor High Contact sports, our league, along with some other California leagues, practice and play outdoors, so we are interpreting the guidelines that outdoor roller derby (similar to outdoor football, hockey and rugby) could resume under the Orange Tier. 
    California Department of Public Health

    Yesterday the state also released guidance for gatherings allowing groups of 50 in the orange tier  for outside events starting on April 15. 

    If San Diego County continues on our current trajectory, we will likely be in Orange Tier by late spring/summer. This is the closest we've come to meeting baseline criteria since the WFTDA Return To Play plan was initially released.

    We are getting ready to poll our league members about vaccines/testing/dues equity/plans to return and anything else we can think of to help guide our league's RTP, but we still face a lot of unknowns and wanted to see where other leagues are since a lot of our members are going to ask when competition might resume and me pointing to theoretical timelines in the RTP plan probably won't satisfy that question.

    Bleed (she/they/ella)
    SoCal Derby

  • 2.  RE: California Leagues RTP

    Posted 04-06-2021 02:49
    I've told both the leagues I'm involved with not to expect competition this year, we'll be happy to make it to intra-league scrimmaging.

    I agree that outdoor roller derby like outdoor soccer can resume under Orange Tier. Additionally non-contact skills could resume in Red Tier.

    From the document you linked above:
    "Physical conditioning, practice, skill-building, and training that can be conducted outdoors, with 6 feet of physical distancing, and within stable cohorts are authorized regardless of case rate or sport." 

    It's a good plan to poll your league. Ours were surprised that a majority preferred the league to be fully vaccinated first and the county to be in Yellow Tier. 

    Sinna (she/her)
    WFTDA Rep - Bay Area Derby
    Coach - Peninsula Roller Derby