MSR (Minimum Skills Requirement) Open Discussion

Welcome to WFTDA's Minimum Skills Requirements (MSR) Open Discussion. Download the WFTDA New Skater Curriculum: Vision and Objectives from the Library tab or the Folders below (click a folder in the Folders panel to display the files in the Folder Contents panel, then click a file and click "View" to open it), and click the Discussion tab to join the discussion.


MSR (Minimum Skills Requirement) Open Discussion

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  • Hello everyone! As mentioned last week, here is a presentation on the framework of the new curriculum we want to share with you all today. ...

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  • PLEASE NOTE: We are running a focus group on the new curriculum to gather your feedback and questions on it! Come and join us on Sunday Nov 1st - 12pm PST, 3pm EST, 8pm UK, 9pm CET - roughly 60min. Here is the registration link: ...

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  • OPEN CALL to Coaching Resources (Roller Derby and non-Roller Derby related) We are looking to create a library with resources to support coaches and new participant in their progress and development and we need your help. Do you have a great ...

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    Hi everyone! Lots of things were happening in the last weeks, and I wanted to take a quick moment and update y'all. WHAT WE DID AND ARE WORKING ON: EPIC Meeting/Brainstorming We had a week with lots of digital notes and post-its to discuss ...

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  • Thank you everyone for your input. This work package is now finished and I uploaded the presentation and video recording on this topic in the library. Next to successful Roller Derby league examples, it is also about how other sports introduce contact ...


  • Welcome to this workspace!

    Hello everyone and welcome to this workspace. 

    This open workspace is for the derby community to engage on the MSR review initiative, lead by the WFTDA Skating Education committee and the MSR Task force.

    If you've not read the
    MSR Changes proposal that was presented at the WFTDA Annual Meeting 2020, please take a minute and read through it.  

    Please note our guidelines for contribution/ behaviour

    • We acknowledge that everyone has different backgrounds and experiences with the Minimum Skills.
    • Our goal is to make the MSRs more accessible. What we are presenting here is a work in progress to get there.
    • Please be respectful and remember that the WFTDA Code of Conduct is in place.
    • We appreciate your feedback and being here. 

    Questions? Don't hesitate to get in contact.

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