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 In 2022, the WFTDA will host “Back on Track,” a global celebration of roller derby that will take place over a two-month period in September and October 2022, with capstone broadcast events to kickoff and closeout our celebration. This series of events will celebrate our members' ability to come back to derby in a way that is flexible, accessible, and as safe as possible for any able and interested league, given the current local and global constraints of public health and travel during a worldwide pandemic. We aim to celebrate the re-emergence of the sport, showcasing all levels of play across the globe.

We're currently seeking hosts for events during this time period to be included in our celebration. Events of all sizes, locations, and levels of play are encouraged to apply. All events will be given the opportunity to apply for broadcast, should they have the capability to do so and should the event work within the broadcast programs offered by WFTDA Broadcast.

Keep reading for more information and a link to apply.

Hosting Benefits

WFTDA will provide the following support to “Back on Track” event hosts:

  • Management of team applications and placement of teams into tournaments. Host leagues may opt to handle team invitations with approval from the WFTDA.
  • Consideration for broadcast streaming (as determined by WFTDA Broadcast).
  • Access to an invitation-only work group on the WFTDA Online Community to coordinate and share knowledge with WFTDA leadership and other event hosts.
  • Access to the WFTDA Tournament Best Practices and Roles Online Training.
  • Access to COVID-19 risk mitigation templates.
  • Use of the “Back on Track” logo on promotional materials; merch opportunities.
  • Recognition and designation as a participating tournament on WFTDA web sites.
  • WFTDA social media promotion on Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter.


Host League and Event Structure

  • Host leagues do not need to be WFTDA members, as long as they agree to the requirements listed here and in the WFTDA Organizational Code of Conduct.
  • Each individual event must take place between September 1 and October 31, 2022.
  • Event structure and games may be in any format.
    • The host may determine the length, structure, format, type and number of teams for the event and will provide this information to WFTDA. 
    • WFTDA will create the team application and work with hosts and teams to place teams in the most appropriate event based on play format, team, and regional needs.
  • Some requirements below are different for single/double headers vs tournaments. An event with three or more games is considered a “tournament.”


  • Officials will utilize current WFTDA officiating hand signals, verbal cues, and officiating procedures for all games played under The WFTDA Rules of Flat Track Roller Derby.
  • Leagues must appoint Head Officials to oversee officiating recruitment and staffing.
    • Feedback can be provided during and/or after the tournament.
    • Feedback must be provided in a respectful manner.
    • Crew Head Officials (as appropriate) should be expected to serve as a reference for future tournaments for up to one year, upon request.
    • For single-game and double-header events, the leagues may appoint the games’ Head Officials directly, and these Head Officials may recruit and staff the event however it makes sense for the local area.
    • For tournaments, the leagues must appoint Tournament Head Officials (THOs). The Tournament Host must describe how they will choose a Tournament Head Referee and NSO. THOs must provide a system in which feedback is provided to all participating Officials so that they can learn and improve.

Tournament Oversight

  • the following oversight positions are required for tournaments and optional for single- and double-headers. 
  • The Tournament Host must arrange for a Risk Coordinator for the tournament. 
    • It is recommended that the Risk Coordinator complete the WFTDA Risk Management online course prior to tournament start. The Risk Coordinator may also serve in another role.
  • A representative of the Tournament Host must complete the WFTDA Best Practices for Tournaments online course prior to tournament start.
  • The tournament must set up, in advance, their choice of communications platform (email, social media, etc.), so that tournament leadership can communicate with participating Officials and teams when needed. A pre-tournament meeting for leadership to meet with teams is recommended.


  • WFTDA will provide logo files for the event that hosts should include in promotional materials.  Should the host wish to use the logo on merchandise, permission and licensing agreement can be obtained from the WFTDA.

Insurance (Applicable Countries)

For events in locations where insurance is required:
  • Hosts are responsible for holding appropriate liability insurance and for verifying the insurance of participating skaters and skating officials.
    • Leagues should have a minimum of $2 million in general liability coverage, and each skater must have a minimum of $10,000 in accident medical coverage (per injury) and $1 million in personal liability coverage.



  • The WFTDA recommends hiring Certified Officials or Officials with prior tournament officiating experience (in any officiating role) at a comparable level of play as Head Officials.
    • Tournament Head Officials (THOs) may officiate during the tournament.
  • It is recommended that the Head Officials complete the online Risk Management, THO Training (if applicable), and Rules lesson.
  • For tournaments and events that require officials to travel long distances, the announcement of Tournament Head Officials is recommended to be no later than May 1 and invitations for all officials should follow by July 1.
  • Please see the WFTDA-Recognized Tournament Officiating Support Guidelines for additional recommendations for officiating that may be useful to hosts in managing and supporting their tournament officials.


  • For tournaments, it is highly recommended that the Host assign one individual to act in the following capacities:
    • Games Tournament Oversight Officer (GTO) to provide oversight for the entire event. (Note that there is no sanctioning of games this year, so sanctioning-related tasks are not needed.)
      • These individuals should complete the WFTDA GTO online course modules prior to the event.
        For tournaments with multiple tracks, more than one GTO is recommended.
    • Inclusion and Standards Manager to provide code of conduct oversight for the event.
      • This position may be combined with any other positions (GTO, Risk Coordinator, official, rostered skater, coach, etc.), as long as the roles indicated in the job description are filled.
      • It is recommended that the Inclusion and Standards Manager complete an online course prior to event start.
  • Single-game and double-header events may also appoint GTO and Inclusion and Standards Managers, and will have access to the coursework.

Summary of Available Training Modules

All training will be free-of-charge. Anyone may choose to take these modules, but the following positions are recommended to complete the modules.

Training Module(s) or Support Who takes them?
GTO Training Modules GTO
Risk Management, THO Training, Rules lesson Tournament Head Officials
Inclusion and Standards Manager training, Risk Coordinator training, WFTDA Best Practices for Tournaments At least 2 people from host league


The WFTDA Competitive Play Task Force will accept applications via a Google form


March 1 - July 31 Application period for host leagues and team placements. Approvals will be on a rolling basis with public announcements at the start of each month. (Team applications will open for applicable events once the announcement of locations are made.)
July 31 Team application period ends.
August 5 Final team placements announced, including teams for single- and double-headers, if not already announced.
September 1 - October 31 Global celebration of roller derby!

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