October 10, 2021: WFTDA Incubator Session 2

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Holding Space for Mentally & Socially Returning to Roller Derby Training

October 10, 2021 (World Mental Health Day)

In honour of World Mental Health Day, and to highlight the importance of mental health in sports, we want to hold space for mentally and socially returning to training and derby, and talk about what this means.

This webinar includes exciting presentations and experts talking about topics such as:

  • Mental Health
  • Discomfort  
  • Growth Mindset
  • Where and How to Engage in the WFTDA to Make Positive Change Happen
  • And More!

In addition to the presentations and Q&A, the Incubator Session provided a collaborative space to share and present ideas and things we’re working on (or would like to) related to:

  • social initiatives you've created and/or are working on;
  • new wellness or mental health policies you’ve implemented or are looking to implement as a league, training committee, team etc.;
  • challenges you are facing personally or as a team/league;
  • questions you have around getting back to roller derby. 

A recording of the session and other relevant resources are available in the Files tab, and follow up discussions and Q&As can be found under the Discuss tab. Log in and join the meeting space for full access!