Aug. 22, 2021: WFTDA All-Hands Meeting

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WFTDA All-Hands Meeting: Moving into 2022

On Aug. 22, 2021, WFTDA Board of Directors and Staff held an All-Hands Meeting with WFTDA committee members, volunteers, and partners to discuss the future of our organization and sport. This meeting was also open to member league reps or anyone else interested in being part of upcoming committee or task force work.

An overview of the topics discussed can be found below, and a recording of the meeting and a copy of the presentation are available on the Files tab for anyone who missed the meeting or would like to review (log in for view access).

Updates will be posted under the Discuss tab, but feel free to start a discussion or ask a question about anything we discussed in the meeting.

Topics we discussed:
  • The ART Project Update and Task Forces
    • Competition & Org Structure
    • Officiating & Rules
    • Education
    • Accessibility
  • Member Accountability
    • WFTDA Staff Plans and Needs for 2021
    • 2020-21 WFTDA Staff and Committee Losses
    • Leadership Challenges and Needs
    • Organizational Challenges
    • Quarter 3 and Quarter 4 WFTDA Staff OKRs (Objective Key Results)
  • Competitive Play & Recovery
    • Competitive Structures Kickoff
    • What We Know About 2022 So Far
    • COVID Medical Team August Updates
    • Recovery
  • Where We Want To Work With You and Communicate with Membership: Higher Logic/Community
    • The WFTDA Community (Reps & Volunteers)
    • WeFTDA Collective
    • Tips to Navigate

More information about how to join a task force will be posted soon. Please keep in mind that while everyone is welcome to apply for the task forces, we want to ensure that the voices we need to hear are heard, so one of our first projects will be determining who the best candidates are based on lived experiences in the areas that we need to address.

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Need help with the navigating the Community site? Check out the FAQ and please bear with us as we work to consolidate our member resources and clarify how to use them, including adjusting the navigation and naming conventions, and creating some guides and tutorials to help all of our members be better informed and more involved. You can also contact wonderpance or bones (on the Contacts tab) for assistance with the Member Portal or WFTDA Community.