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WFTDA Meeting and Conference Center

Welcome to the WFTDA Meeting and Conference Center! Here you'll find information, resources, and discussions about online meetings and conferences for WFTDA members and others in the community.

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As part of our conversations around returning to derby, we're hosting a series of online sessions to discuss challenges officials are currently facing, and thoughts and ideas around making officiating a sustainable and inviting community.

Visit the meeting space for information about upcoming sessions, session recordings, related resources, and followup discussions.

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Aug. 2021 WFTDA All-Hands Meeting

On Aug. 22, 2021, WFTDA Board of Directors and Staff held an All-Hands Meeting with WFTDA committee members, volunteers, and partners to discuss the future of our organization and sport. This meeting was also open to member league reps or anyone else interested in being part of upcoming committee or task force work.

Visit the meeting Work Group for an overview of the topics discussed, a recording of the meeting and a copy of the presentation, and a discussion forum for updates and related discussions. Join the Work Group to participate!

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WFTDA Incubator Session 2: Holding Space for Mentally & Socially Returning to Roller Derby Training

On October 10th (World Mental Health Day) we held an interactive online meeting where attendees saw presentations and chatted with experts about topics related to mental health in sports, and how we can hold space for our league-mates (and ourselves) emotionally and socially as we all return to roller derby

Visit the meeting space for a recording of the meeting, related resources, and followup discussions.

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"Holding Space for Grief" A WFTDA Member-Exclusive Grief Discussion Session

After our second Incubator session where we held space for mentally and socially returning to roller derby, we had a follow up session to take some extra time to focus on the topic of grief with Leslie Barber from Grief Warrior | Recognize, Respect and Reconnect the Grieving.

Visit the meeting space for a recording of the session and followup discussions.

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