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The Women’s Flat Track Derby Association (WFTDA) has developed and published The Rules of Flat Track Roller Derby under the leadership of the WFTDA Rules Committee comprised of WFTDA and Junior Roller Derby Association (JRDA) members, and with participation and review by WFTDA Member Leagues.

WFTDA Member Leagues are required to play by The Rules of Flat Track Roller Derby.

Available in English, Español, Français, and Deutsche in the Current Rules section below.

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Current Rules Version - January 1, 2023

The Rules of Flat Track Roller Derby are available in English in digital and printable formats at and the links below.

Visit The Rules of Flat Track Roller Derby Website

Download The Rules of Flat Track Roller Derby PDF


La WFTDA ha desarrollado y publicado las Reglas del Flat Track Roller Derby bajo el liderazgo del Comité de Reglas de la WFTDA compuesto por miembros de la WFTDA y Junior Roller Derby Association (JRDA), y con la participación y revisión de las Ligas Miembro de la WFTDA.

Las ligas miembro de la WFTDA deben jugar según las Reglas de Flat Track Roller Derby.



La WFTDA a développé et publié les règles du roller derby sur piste plate sous la direction du comité des règles composé de membres de la WFTDA et Junior Roller Derby Association (JRDA), avec la participation et la vérification de membres de ligues WFTDA.

Les ligues affiliées à la WFTDA doivent jouer selon les règles de Roller Derby sur piste plate et doivent se jouer selon les nouvelles règles.



Die WFTDA hat die Flat-Track Roller-Derby Regeln unter Führung des WFTDA Regel-Komitees, und unter Mitwirkung und Zustimmung von WFTDA Mitgliedsorganisationen, entwickelt und veröffentlicht. Das Komitee setzt sich aus Mitgliedern der WFTDAund Junior Roller Derby Association (JRDA) zusammen.

Vereine können umgehend damit beginnen, die neuen Regeln anzuwenden und müssen sämtliche WFTDA-sanktionierten Spiele nach den neuen Regeln gespielt werden.

Change Summaries

These documents summarize the changes in the various releases of The Rules of Flat Track Roller Derby.

Please note that these are not comprehensive listings of new and changed rules. They are only provided as a convenience to highlight the most significant changes. Skaters, coaches, officials, and fans are encouraged to read through the new rule sets in their entirety.

January 1, 2023 Change Summary

February 15, 2022 Change Summary

January 1, 2020 Change Summary

January 1, 2019 Change Summary

Note: Previous change summaries are currently located at

Rules Archive

Previous versions of The Rules of Flat Track Roller Derby documents are archived here. Please note that these rule sets are provided for historical purposes only, and should no longer be used. You should always use the latest versions of the rules, which are available at

WFTDA Rules Support

Submit Feedback/Ask Questions

There are several ways to communicate with WFTDA Rules Committee and to submit feedback and questions.

The WFTDA Online Community has a Rules of Flat Track Derby discussion group where members can post questions and participate in rules discussions with the WFTDA Rules Committee.

The WFTDA Timeout database is available for anyone to submit suggestions or issues on the Rules and WFTDA Games and Officiating documents.

Questions may also be submitted via the email address.


WFTDA Rules Committee Members

The WFTDA Rules Committee comprises WFTDA elected and appointed members, as well as a Junior Roller Derby Association (JRDA) appointed member on Rules Theory.

Committee Chair

Darth Bling


Allyn UR Grill – JRDA
Axis of Stevil – Officiating
Matthew Mantsch
Wednesday Atoms
Ziggy Scardust


Adam Smasher
Vera Toss – Visuals


Panda Scare


<position open>

Meeting Facilitators

Richie Cranium
Stray Taco