WFTDA “This is Roller Derby” Beginner Curriculum

As guidance for new participants entering the sport of flat track roller derby, the WFTDA is providing a plan for leagues to develop their skaters' skills to be able to play WFTDA-regulation and sanctioned games.

Resources & Additional Guides Overview

The "This is Roller Derby" beginner skater curriculum and supplemental resources can be downloaded below as individual files or as a single zip file containing all documents.

This is Roller Derby + Additional Resources

Main Curriculum

“This is Roller Derby”
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Additional Resources

5 Tips for Where and How to Start Implementing the Beginner Curriculum in Your League


Coaching Resources Library

Introducing Contact & Recovery Guide

Recommendations on Mixed Level Play

How to Create an Inclusive Training Environment

Skills Cards

Player Development Map

Transition Plan

FAQ Sheet

We are looking to release additional guides in 2021 including and are working on a plan for Translations.


The WFTDA will provide help in the transition and beyond, as we understand that leagues are not currently practicing and won’t be able to test the new principles as they are developed.

Leagues can continue with existing plans and establish new structures when they have had more time to assess and apply the curriculum to their league environment.

In the WFTDA “Skater Education & Training” Community Workspace, the former Curriculum Task Force will help answer questions and offer guidance while you transition to a new program or process. Sign up for the WeFTDA Collective to get access yourself or have your WFTDA Skater or Official Representative join the community.

Read more about this in the Transition & Implementation Plan for the new Beginner Curriculum “This is Roller Derby.”

For further questions visit the open MSR community forum.

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