WFTDA Code of Conduct Toolkit

The WFTDA Code of Conduct Toolkit includes concepts, ideas, and structures from the contributors’ experience and expertise. It is not meant to be a comprehensive document, containing the answers and resources for everyone. It is meant to serve as a framework and guiding document for collaboration and to hold space for the important work of understanding, developing or revising a Code of Conduct. We want to empower leagues to know how to find, understand, and use resources in the context of creating or supplementing their Code of Conduct work.

The content is structured in five sections:

  1. Introduction: why a Toolkit and how to use it
  2. Understand It: terms, concepts, assessment and communication tips
  3. Use It: why policies are important, organizational culture in roller derby
  4. Workshop and Facilitation tips
  5. Further resources and how to find local resources


After over 1,684 views since it’s release in September 2019, we are happy to have updated the WFTDA Code of Conduct Toolkit in December 2020.

As the previous Coda document didn’t allow for easy translations, we changed the format of the Code of Conduct Toolkit. You can download the pdf version here, or access the google doc version on the WFTDA Community forum, alongside additional resources (WFTDA Member League Reps or WeFTDA Collective Members).

Other updates:

  • We added a preamble on Anti-Racism work and what the new Code of Conduct addition means for you as a league;
  • We worked in the great feedback and resources from Atlanta Roller Derby (see their open letter here);
  • We added some help for assuming best intentions and reflective questions;
  • We added and updated the resources section.

For easier comparison, we marked the updates inside the document.

Download Toolkit