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Position: Board of Directors: Administrative Assistant

  • 1.  Position: Board of Directors: Administrative Assistant

    Posted 04-16-2021 03:31 PM
    Position: Board of Directors: Administrative Assistant

    Under the direction and guidance of the Board Secretary, the Board Administrative Assistant is responsible for providing confidential administrative and project support to the Board of Directors (BoD). The Board Administrative Assistant meets all clerical needs of the BoD while collaborating with the BoD to provide Board members, WeFTDA members and Organization members with an accurate record of meetings as required.  They complete tasks to enhance the BoD's capacity to conduct business on behalf of the Organization. This position supports effective Board level communications and strengthens the Organization through a commitment to reaching strategic goals and in a manner that honors the values of WFTDA.

    Time Commitment:
    ●   4-6 hours per week with some flexibility
    ●   Active online presence on WFTDA communication tools: Email, Higher Logic, Slack, etc (daily or every other day)
    ●   Regular availability to email correspondence, monthly availability for BOD meetings.

    Mandatory skills needed:
    ●   Familiarity with WFTDA Policies, Procedures and Values
    ●   Prior administrative experience
    ●   Ability to practice discretion due to the sensitivity of material being discussed
    ●   Proven track record of taking clear and precise notes (backup note taker)
    ●   Desire to learn about executive board governance, WFTDA member relations and non-profit structures.
    ●   Knowledge of of roller derby in any capacity
    ●   Strong organization and communication skills
    ●   Ability to objectively represent WFTDA and work towards consensus
    ●   Demonstrated ability to set timelines and complete tasks on time
    ●   Proficiency in and access to Google docs (Excel, Word, Powerpoint), Google Calendar and other productivity tools
    ●   Ability to travel to the Leadership face-to-face meeting, and attend online monthly conference calls

    General Responsibilities:
    ●   Manage the action items after the BoD calls add them to a calendar/schedule as required by current BoD
    ●   Manage the Board Notetaker through sharing recordings and requesting notes for Board Meetings
    ●   Act as a back-up note taker
    ●   Assist in managing BoD schedule and deadlines

    Specific Responsibilities:
    ●   Schedules BoD monthly calls (including public webinars), and Board Committee Meetings as requested
    ●   Schedules BoD community engagement events
    ●   Manages Board of Directors Team Drive
    ●   Liaises with Officers to provide quarterly updates to the BOD
    ●   Maintains infrastructure for archiving notes
    ●   Provides the BoD with confidential administrative support
    ●   PrepareS, distributeS and postS the Board agendas and meeting links, reports and materials in coordination with the President and/or Secretary.
    ●   Coordinates with the Board Secretary to ensure the maintenance of accurate records and archives.
    ●   Prepares, distributes and posts meeting minutes as directed by the current BoD.
    ●   Maintains the BoD's annual planning calendar.
    ●   Provides follow-up and maintenance of BOD business, including but not limited to: information gathering, correspondence, and maintenance of files as directed by the BOD
    ●   Support other committees and Board work as directed.
    ●   Prepares, coordinates and collaborates with appropriate personnel in implementing meetings, events and retreats as directed by BoD

    To apply for this job:

    Applications should be submitted by 30th April 2021
    All queries to or


    Lianne / Legs
    WFTDA Secretary, Board of Directors

    Auld Reekie Roller Derby

    Kimberly Eisen, MSW / Dottie
    Member Services Manager