Risk Management Guidelines

There have been a couple of small updates to the Risk Management Guidelines (RMGs) before tournament season. The big update is going to SCAT 6 testing from SCAT 5 for concussions. The updated guidelines can be accessed here.


Can we get a changes document for this one as well, please?


Seconded. A change document would be great! Thank you!

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A point for clarification: TABLE 1: FACILITIES SECTION GLOSSARY states the “Skating Surface” is defined as “Zones B-E.”
However, Section 3.5. Skating Surface does not refer to Zone E.

Based on FIGURE 1: TRACK LAYOUT WITH ZONES, the color coding for Zone D extends into the Medic, Penalty Box, and Bench areas.

Section 3.5. Skating Surface states “If using a sport court, it must be well maintained, free of cracks or breakage, and must provide full coverage in Zones A, B, C and D.

Can you clarify whether the Skating Surface must extend into Zone E, as Table 1 suggests?

If not Zone E, does Zone D include the surface in front of the Medic, Penalty Box & Bench areas, as Figure 1 suggests?

Could this be clarified in the text of Section 3.5?

The figure used in WFTDA’s Risk Management Guidelines differs from the figure in JRDA’s Risk Management Guidelines, and the surface in the Medic, Penalty Box & Bench areas is not referenced regarding the Skating Surface which leaves room for confusion and misinterpretation.