20 character limit -- apply to posts not replies?

In the thread where Sharky asked whether RCs get categorized as Cups or Playoffs, I tried to reply and say “playoffs,” but it wouldn’t let me. I feel like it’s pretty common to have a one-word answer (but, not a one-word question). Can we limit this to original posts but remove the requirement for replies?


Heard. I’ll keep it in mind as the environment evolves.

worth noting the same issue when you try to reply and second nominations. I kept having to write more (and I couldn’t reply to each nom directly because there was more than 3)

There are limits to how many times (and how quickly) someone can reply within a thread. So yes, you likely hit one of the throttles. I’m not ready to change those limits.

However (I’ve confirmed with Parker) there’s no reason you can’t second multiple nominations in one post. They don’t have to be separate.

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