Followup on the clarification about illegal holding

There was an ongoing (albeit not recently active) discussion about the Statement on Illegal Holding that can be found here. I cannot find it with the recent migration to discourse but we still need a resolution so here is a new thread, apologies if it still exists somewhere else.

I am talking about the tactic where a skater blocks another down by applying shoulder (front) to shoulder (back) downward while they face each other. Assuming this is not a back block and assuming there is no pinning involved, is this covered by the statement mentioned above and therefore an expulsion? Or is it expulsion-worthy only if there is pinning prior to that downward hit?

This is a tactic that has been trained for in recent months, so officials need to be prepared for it somehow, and (no-)call it consistently during post-season. Is there a chance that Rules, well, rules on this before post-season?


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Here is the original discussion (PDF format).


For context and clarity, here is a link to an already widely shared video of the action being discussed.

There is no pinning. Depending on the hit, it can be a back block, a high block, or a legal target zone. For this discussion let’s assume a legal target zone, as we already know how to call high blocks and back blocks.

Should this action be considered for expulsion? If yes, what else should we take into account in order to reach a decision based on that consideration?

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