Examples re: striking to sternum/above arm pit

My league is still trying to understand the impact of this potential rule change prior to the vote. We recently were at Jello Bowl and I pulled some footage from there that demonstrate strikes that we think might become illegal? I’d love thoughts on whether these are and if so why/why not? There are 3 in the same jam that’s linked below

at 20:37 white pivot strikes black pivot with shoulder to the chest pushing black pivot off the track
at 20:53 black blocker strikes white pivot in sternum as an offensive hit
at 21:01 white pivot counters offense coming towards her with her should to black blocker’s chest

Are these hits intended to be penalizable if the rules change is adopted?

Here are two more clips we have the same questions about

Now that we’re back to voting on this in June, could someone at least confirm that Rules folk have looked at this post? I know Rules stated they think the changes are insignificant enough to come between Regional and Global Champs but if the examples above are going to end up being illegal, they often happen multiple times in a jam which to me seems to me to be a big impact.