2024 Spring Elections: Board of Directors Call for Nominations

**Election Timeline
May 6th - Call for Nominations posted to WFTDA Message Board
June 3rd - Call for Nominations closed. Nominations must be seconded and accepted.
June 10th - All Nomination Paperwork Due to elections@wftda.com
June 10th - Any relevant member feedback on candidates for vetting due to elections@wftda.com
June 17th - Nominees vetted
June 27th - Nominees approved by BOD
July 1st - Election Ballot language & documentation posted to WFTDA Message Board
July 15th - Election Ballot opens
July 30th - Election Ballot closes
March 30th - Election Ballot closes

REMINDER: Any relevant member feedback on candidates to be considered during vetting is due to elections@wftda.com by June 10, 2024. It is appreciated if information is submitted sooner rather than later.

Board candidates will be elected to General Board Member seats for a term of 2 years. Board Officers (President, Vice President, Secretary and Treasurer) will be elected internally by the Board, each year after the general election has closed. A confirmation vote from WFTDA Membership is necessary on the person elected as Board President.

General Board Members Seats 5 & 6
2-year terms

Incumbents (current seat holders):
General Board Member 5 - Bambi Lance (at term limit)
General Board Member 6 - Tarabyte (at term limit)


  1. Bork Bork Bork

All Board of Directors nomination forum threads will be in the Board of Directors section of the WFTDA forum.

Nominations may be posted and seconded by active skater representatives from Member Organizations. Current Board of Directors are eligible to nominate for these positions, except for those who have reached their term limit as stated above.

Nominations must be accepted or declined by the nominee before the posted deadline.

Completed nominations must be accompanied by:
• WFTDA Job Application: WFTDA Election Application (fill out and send completed link or PDF along with other materials)
• Candidate Letter of Intent and Resume – Relevant qualifications and experience (paid or unpaid jobs), prior WFTDA committee jobs, brief summary of involvement in roller derby (including any non-WFTDA roles such as national governing bodies), and what they hope to accomplish as a member of the Board of Directors


  • One Letter of Recommendation from a representative of the nominee’s Member Organization governing body (League Board of Directors, Steering Committee, or other). This letter should detail why they support the nomination, and the nominee’s qualifications for the WFTDA Board of Directors.
    • Two Letters of Recommendation from any WFTDA Member Organization’s active skater representative or WFTDA volunteer. These letters should detail why they support the nomination and the nominee’s qualifications for the WFTDA Board of Directors.

If English is not your first language, you are welcome to submit candidate materials in your native language. The materials will be translated into English on your behalf.

WFTDA Directors are elected in staggered two-year terms. Each elected Director shall take office immediately following the election and serve a term of two (2) years or until their successor is elected.

Elected Directors will assume their positions immediately and must be ready to fulfill the requirements of office. New board members will attend a board meeting (via conference call) following elections.

WFTDA Bylaws Articles VII & VIII explain the rights, responsibilities and positions of the Board of Directors. Nominees must review this information and be prepared to fulfill the responsibilities of the position, if elected.

Specific duties for Board Officers (President, Vice President, Treasurer, Secretary, and Ex Officio) are defined in the WFTDA Bylaws.

The job description for General Board Members may be found here: General Board Member job description - Google Docs

All Board members must sign and comply with the WFTDA Board of Directors Code of Ethics.

In addition, all Board members are expected to:
• Have personal access to computer, internet, and phone.
• Perform at least 5 hours of Board work per week.
• Attend scheduled board meetings twice per month.
o Board meetings are hosted on video conference calls. The day and time of board meetings is adjusted, as needed.
• Travel to the annual in-person Board of Directors meeting.
o The meeting location varies, and travel expenses are paid for by WFTDA.


  • General Board Members: Candidates eligible for election must either: (a) have served as a Skater Representative for at least one (1) year for a Member Organization; (b) have served as an Officials Representative for at least one (1) year for a Member Organization; (c) have maintained active participation in WFTDA business operations for at least one (1) year; (d) have relevant and beneficial experience, as determined by the existing Board of Directors, in managing Non-Profit organizations; or (e) meet relevant professional experience criteria as determined and requested by the existing Board of Directors in accordance with current strategic goals.
  • Board Officers (President, Vice President, Secretary and Treasurer) must be a skater representative.

Candidates should meet at least one of the three points below.
• Have at least one year of experience as a WFTDA skater or non-skater representative.
• History of active participation in at least one WFTDA committee.
• History of active participation in WFTDA forum discussions.

The Election Committee reviews all nominees prior to drafting election ballots, in order to confirm compliance with candidate and election requirements. Once the nominees are vetted, the election language will be posted to the forum.

To date there are no nominees for the open Board positions.

Didn’t we JUST elect a bunch of people to the Board? Can you share the current Boardmembers who will not be running again?

The BoD requested an earlier election to fill seats that were empty but required by policy. That was outside the regular election process when terms are up.

Bambi Lance and Tarabyte are listed above as the incumbents but they have reached their term limits.

What I meant to ask is, who are the current Boardmembers besides Tara and Bambi. The other Boardmembers who are currently serving.

Ok here ya go!
DiFibrillator - President, TaraByte - VP, Iron Tyrant - Secretary, Bambi Lance, Lois Slain, Tenacious D, SLow Loris, Babe Runner, Rhodes Warrior


WCR would like to nominate Bork, Bork, Bork for WFTDA BOD.


  • Bork Bork Bork, Nominated by Valravn (Windy City Rollers), Seconded by ,

I second Bork Bork’s nomination.

Nominations have closed with no candidates.

Due to the logistics of the new forum and Bork, Bork, Bork not having access they did try to reach out to accept via email and it was delayed getting to Elections.

There is 1 candidate for the BoD open seats.

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