2024 Spring Elections: Rules Theory Call for Nominations

Please note that the Rules Theory Panel has a limit of 2 Officials on the Panel (this does not include the Chair Seat). This was waived the last 2 cycles by the Board due to low number of candidates.

The panel currently has 1 skater and 1 official in a seat.
That means for this round only 1 of the open seats can be filled by an Official.

Parker, again just wanting to be clear before things get confused. In the past, the panel has had one spot designated for Officials, and another spot available for Officials depending on the results of the election.

Is that still the case, and if so, is that one currently filled, or up for election this cycle?

We need to research on the past election threads to confirm the situation. We copied them off Higher Logic and have them saved in a static format. We will do a little research and will get back to you. (I also started recompiling all this information for all committee elections so we have this easily available!)

Rules Theory has 2 seats that can be filled by Officials, the Chair position does not count towards this total.

For this election 1 is already filled by Laddie who was elected last year.
Therefore there is only 1 open seat for an official to fill if they win. The next seats would be filled by skaters.

There is also an open seat on Rules Theory that Officials Committee fills through their own election, at this time it is vacant and they will look into filling it after this election is concluded.

Zero has declined their nomination through email