Category colors


Currently all categories have the same WFTDA pink color, making a visual scan of lists or posts harder to distinguish the category the post is in.

Might we choose some colors to help make distinction between categories simpler?

Piggy-backing onto this: I set the site theme to a dark one as soon as I could, because the white and pink layout gave me a headache, so just for accessibility purposes, it might be good to tone down the brightness.

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i’m sure if you have suggestions they would be welcome!

We’re discussing. I question whether abandoning the unified thematic colors for the category squares will really be a benefit when the alternative will be 13-21 different colors and look like confetti. We’re trying to think through whether there are groupings that make sense to join in the same color.

Also discussing. Others have the same issues with dark. The system allows users to set their own preferences, so we’re not sure changing the default is compelling or necessary. But Marketing / Web is still working through some of the theming options and may make more tweaks.

Appreciate the feedback, always.

I think there’s a way to set Discourse so that the site theme defaults to the user’s default browser setting (i.e., if the user’s computer/browser is set to dark mode, the site will display in dark mode). Another group I’m in has been using Discourse for our forum for a year or two now, and I can ask the guy who does site stuff where that setting is, if you want!

Those options are (or appear to be) already enabled. I believe the automated switcher only works for logged in users, but otherwise I don’t know why it didn’t work for you. I’ll try to do some testing when I get a chance.

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Totally understand where this is coming from. For my preference, I’d take the confetti for now, and see what is active/merge worthy to reduce.

Keep in mind - we can use sub-categories in Categories to add more color levels if needed.
I’ve shared this public example before, might be useful to look at again.

Thanks for the consideration!

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I came back to the site today, was not logged in, and it was white; I wonder what Discourse’s reasoning (the people who write it) is for only having the automated switcher work for logged-in users. (Though I remember when I created my account, I had to figure out where the site skin option was hiding and manually set it to a dark theme. Why does software have to make everything so difficult?)

I can’t speak as to why it does one thing or another, but it’s all open source - so I’d welcome you to explore the code or issues to see if that’s something possible to change.

Alternately, we might need a toggle for automatic dark mode - @ump can you check to see if this toggle is on?

As mentioned above, it’s already enabled.

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Thanks for confirming!

I tested a few things - and it looks like the theme we have currently - “Dark (site default)” that applies to non-logged in users may not have any dark colors set.

I’ll sit tight and wait for Marketing / Web to sort out theming along with other color choices.

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It seems to be working now!