Hyperlink Styling

Very minor usability request. Can we make hyperlinks (or for non-nerds, just links) underlined with a color that standards out more than the current gray? Links are difficult to distinguish from normal text.

I’ve checked three of the themes, and in all of them links are bold, underlined, and a color other than gray. Can you email me a screenshot of what you’re seeing with any other details (device type, if you have a theme selected, etc)?

I’m 99% sure I’m not losing my mind, but now they are underlined and blue. I’m almost positive this wasn’t the case this morning. Are you sure you didn’t shake something loose? Either way, thanks.

For the record, default theme, Safari on macOS and the Discourse app on iOS (which I would assume is the same rendering engine).

Hahah, I could’ve / should’ve looked at the system logs. It looks like Wonderpance did make some changes. :wink:


Hi! Sorry about that, I saw this post and edited the styling of the links but failed to come back here and let you know I did it.

Thanks for the feedback!