Image/Vector files for Officials Tops

I note in the officiating guideline and NSO printing document ( has the image size details but this does not work for certain printing systems.

Is the “file” that was used to make this available elsewhere? in .ps or .png format? with the right size/font/etc.


There is not one created. At the time WFTDA was selling these shirts at the store and gave the instructions as an option.

We need to give our licensing program a little time so see how things go, and know that these shirts or at least the template are in demand, so this is something we will discuss.

The difficulty is, none of the stores on your site cover APAC without either significantly huge delays, or significantly huge cost to officials on shipping.

For example, FrogMouth tops are taking on average 24-36 weeks to arrive after payment.

So we’re trying to source our own solutions in Australia that work for us. We don’t have the same level of need as the AMER/EMEA does so its difficult to onboard a vendor for occasional orders.

Any support that can be provided to AU would be great.

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Yes we recognize this is an issue for leagues who don’t use the roller derby suppliers who have reached out to us. We need to figure out a way to make things available without giving up control to our brand and intellectual property, and will continue to to discuss it. In the meantime, patches are not required - but it is definitely a goal to get them to people in some form globally!

We are hopeful to have an NZ supplier this year, I started the process :slight_smile: Much faster turn around than Frogmouth :slight_smile:

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You can also get a patch or two in Australia, by mailing a self-addressed stamped envelope to Slaine. This covers Australia but not New Zealand. If there is a big demand for patches in NZ, we’ll find someone to distribute there. Email for more details.

I think the question here is about WFTDA branding (which used to include the possibility of a patch), not cert patches.

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This relates to the file I linked, the “Size, Font” etc for the OFFICIAL on the rear of the shirt.

As we simply wanted to meet those guidelines and do the right thing by the WFTDA, not the cert patches.

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That file is in no way a requirement for WFTDA. It was set up as an option for people who wanted to know how to make shirts that match the ones that we sold in our store.