Cert patch question

Off topic and I apologize as im not sure where to put this. Could someone post the addresses for those we send addressed envelopes to so we can receive WFTDA Certification Patches for Offcials again. (After donating to WFTDA to cover cost)

Until we have a forum that isn’t public (everything posted here can be found via google) we can’t share the addresses because they are individuals’ home addresses. The process is, you would send a self-addressed stamped envelope to someone in your country* and they’d drop a patch in and send it back.

Also a lot of folks involved with Cert carry around patches to tournaments so if you’re going somewhere, worth asking on your tournament list.

(We suggest, but do not require, a $5 donation per patch to the wftda through their website.)

If you need to know where to send it, please email us at certification@wftda.com to ask.

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I remember the process but erased my screen capture of the address for my country and I am needing one more. I’m at Fiore Du Nord Tournament in Quebec City next weekend. Not sure if any Cert people are in attendance.
Thanks for your help!

For anyone in Oceania, I’m the patch bearer! Feel free to PM me my address. For those attending TGSS, I’ll have a bunch there too. :slight_smile:


I will see you at TGSS. Is this just for the cert patches or can we get the WFTDA logo patches from you too? :grinning:

A logo patch would be great!! I’m independent so haven’t had access.
Thank you so much!!

The logo patches are part of a separate program operated by WFTDA membership. Currently we do not have them on sale, and won’t have them at events.

We have a few partners who offer sublimation when people purchase shirts, and hope to add more. We post them here: Shop - WFTDA

We’ll continue to work to figure out a plan for this product. In the meantime, a patch is not required for any teams or officials. If that changes when patches are more widely available, we will let everyone know.

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I’m the North America patch distributor. PM me for address. I’ll have them with me at North America-Northeast Regionals, too. :slight_smile:

Would be awesome to see some NSO polos again!
With Cert / Member logos

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Right but – ask your fav derby clothing place to make one! They can do it, and they can sublimate the cert/member logo directly onto it. It doesn’t have to be us.