New Rules Timeline?

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Before the forum switch-over there was a thread discussing the (then) April 2024 rules changes.

Can someone post the updated timeline, documentation, and action items around the upcoming changes to the rules?

This is what I saw last: rules proposed in April for membership feedback and then a vote in May with rules being Implements in July.


Yes, we originally intended to have the rules ready for review in April, but given the transition to the new forum, we felt it would be better to post in May.

We’re hoping for a June vote with the rules becoming active in July. WFTDA is also in thr middle of elections right now, so that could influence the timeline too.


so that goes back to not knowing what rule set you are playing under if you have a game at the start of July?

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There will be a transition period where either ruleset can be used for regulation play.

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To confirm what Bling said, we’ll likely release the updated rules documents as soon as possible in early July once the changes are voted in.

We will make use of the new version optional until September 1, 2024, when it will be required for all sanctioned play.

In the future, we are planning go back to two-year rules cycles to coincide with the start of the competitive season on July 1 of even years (so the next one will be July 1, 2026). In the interim, Rules can test things and issue clarifications as needed. Global Championships games count for the following year’s rankings, so it makes sense that they are played by that competitive season’s rules version.

I am in the process of coordinating with JRDA and NGBs on this schedule plan to make sure it works for them.


Probably something that should be included in game booking conversations and consulting with the appointed HR so everyone is on board. We have in the past included in the Captains and Officials meetings, "We are playing under XX rules set, which includes these specific clarifications / rules changes… "