April 2024 StatsBook Update

On behalf of and with appreciation to Amy Feral Fouler / Off Tech, I’m happy to announce we have published a minor update to the WFTDA StatsBook and Manual at the request of Sanctioning. (Previous URLs / bookmarks now point to the new files.)

This update corrects a number of outdated links, naming standards, addresses, and URLs, but does not change the functionality of any of the positional tabs / worksheets. Please review and update file naming and submission recipients accordingly.

A change that should be noted on the IGRF itself, there are now places to indicate whether there were any Official Reviews or Expulsions within the game. If “No” is indicated, it is no longer necessary to submit scans of the blank paperwork. If “Yes” is indicated (or no indication made) and those scans aren’t included, Sanctioning may return your IGRF for correction or the additional paperwork.

I believe Sanctioning will continue to accept the “old” version of the StatsBook for at least the interim, however they will continue to reject submissions that don’t include OR / Exp paperwork scans.

For CRG users exporting game data to the StatsBook, please be aware that if there were three or more expulsions in the game, the CRG export may overwrite the new OR/Exp questions. (CRG team is aware.)

Thank you, Feral.