Clarification - covers authorization

Good morning y’all,

We recently made new covers to match pour current team’s pattern: flames. We are having some issues with it as some THR and HR told us there are ok for sanctionned games and some there aren’t. Could I have some insight and advices on it please? :slightly_smiling_face:

Beet’Hell (they/them


From the rules 1.2

Each team must have helmet covers to clearly indicate who their Jammer and Pivot are. The Jammer and Pivot helmet covers for the two teams must be easy to differentiate.

I don’t see why these covers wouldn’t be easily identified as Jammer and Pivot Cover

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The sanctioning policy states:

" The colors of the helmet covers must be of high contrast to each other, the same base color of each uniform color"

So if these are for your black uniform, I wouldn’t see a problem. If it’s for your orange uniform, I can see that it might be an issue. Especially if you’re playing a team in black.

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We have a black uniform with it

I don’t see any reason these wouldn’t be allowed. Even if you have the reverse (orange/flame background with black star/stripe) they seem to be very clearly marked as jammer and pivot.

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Since others don’t understand why these might be rejected; I’ll just say that some officials are likely looking for SOLID colors, not patterns or graphics. Additionally the darker pets of the flames on the star are in the points, so if a league is playing in cool low-lighting instead of having the lights on full, that could be difficult to see.

What to do: carry both sets with you, ask that they try to use these and be ready to swap if needed.

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