Grievance committee members

Pillar: Grievance
Time Commitment: 4 - 7 hours a week, depending on the number of cases.
Position: Grievance Committee Members

The Grievance Committee Needs Help

Previously the WFTDA Grievance Committee was disbanded, and to take care of grievances that were left incomplete several WFTDA BOD Members and Legal Counsel stepped in to take care of those cases left open. As roller derby is opening up worldwide, it is time to reimagine the grievance process and staff the committee to run the grievance while this new process is completed.

We are currently looking for people that have experience in Human Resources, Dispute Mediation, and broad knowledge of Law.


  • 5-7 hours per week with some flexibility
  • Regular availability to email correspondence, Bi-weekly ability to attend meetings with BOD members.
  • Meetings with members to discuss different issues presented via email.


  • Familiarity with WFTDA Policies, Procedures, and Values
  • Prior administrative experience
  • Ability to practice discretion due to the sensitivity of the material being discussed


  • Controlling the Grievance Inbox, responding to emails in a timely manner.
  • Working with BOD to help create a new Grievance committee with restorative justice at the center.
  • Work with membership to see that grievances are taken care of and membership has resources to help enable their leagues.
  • Guide Greviances and follow the current process while the grievance process is reworked.


  • 4 to 6 people with one person as a leader. The leader position will transition from one person to another regularly so that no one person is a leader all the time.

We need to think of membership and a better way to help our members through conflict. If you are interested, please contact